Vanjervalis Chain…

…heißt der Server, dem die ÐarkStalker und ihre Partnergilden zugeteilt wurden. Der Server Vanjervalis Chain wurde nach einem taktischen Militärmanöver der republikanischen Flotte während der mandalorianischen Kriege benannt.

“This is one blockade without any weakpoints!”
Admiral Saul Karath

Geschichtlicher Hintergrund zu unserem Servernamen:

Developed by Vanjervalis Systems, this was a starship operations system that allowed multiple ships to receive orders from, and coordinate their activities with, a single flagship. Originally developed during the era of the Mandalorian Wars, the Vanjervalis Chain was first put into use by Admiral Saul Karath, when he was recalled from the front lines of the war to defend the capital planet of Coruscant. The Vanjervalis Chain slaved the tactical and drive systems of Karath’s fleet to the computers of the Swiftsure, which allowed Admiral Karath to direct the actions of his entire fleet from a single bridge.

A chain of sensors placed throughout the fleet gathered tactical information on the current formation of Karath’s forces and those of an enemy fleet, and issued the necessary commands to move Karath’s ships all along the line to adapt to threats and changes during the battle. Theoretically, the Vanjervalis Chain made Karath’s fleet almost perfect, since there were no tactical weak points in the defense of Coruscant. However, unknown to the Republic and its military contractors, a majority stake in Vanjervalis Systems was funded by the Draay Fund, which allowed Haazen to acquire the necessary elements to override the orders of any fleet that employed the Vanjervalis Chain.

Thus, when Admiral Karath’s blockade forces were in place over Coruscant, and when Haazen realized that the Jedi Order had discovered his treachery, he activated his link to the fleet and ordered the ships to fire on Jedi locations across Coruscant. Admiral Karath was helpless to act, although a technician discovered that the Chain could be broken if the Swiftsure was destroyed.

Quelle: Star Wars Wiki, Star Wars Encyclopedia